Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance


What is spiritual guidance?

The simple definition of spiritual guidance is a support session. Spiritual support, also called spiritual accompaniment, is a relatively new professional field in the medical world. Spiritual support exists in medicine in a variety of settings. Medical centers around the world combine spiritual care services with various medical institutions and homes. Spiritual escorts are available in various departments in hospitals, geriatric institutions, hospices, prisons, shelters of various types, rehabilitation centers and as part of mental health care or private meetings.

Dealing with sickness, especially those that threaten life, undermines the individual's personal identity and worldview. The crises raise existential questions concerning the very existence of humanity, issues of life and death, hope and desolation, the meaning of life and contribution to family members.

Spiritual supporters have undergone long professional training, and counseling is offered to anyone who is in need, no matter what is your religion, race, cultural background, gender or age, without attempting to change their views or lifestyle. Thanks to their training, the supporters know how to mobilize the patients' internal spiritual resources to enable them to cope more effectively with the crisis that is besetting them.

The spiritual guidance maintain confidentiality and provide patients with an inclusive environment in order to discuss and deal with any issue that concerns them. The activities of the spiritual supporters are varied and adapted to the needs that arise in the various frameworks and in the person in need of accompaniment. Spiritual companions are obliged to follow the principles of universal, humanistic and pluralistic spirituality that accepts every human being.

* Part of the text is taken from the article on spiritual accompaniment in Israel – spiritual accompaniment in the health system – minimal cost, large profit / Valery Stessin (Calcalist 16/12/2016)

Long Distance of Spiritual Guidance

I specialized in spiritual guidance at Kaplan Hospital in the Women's Department. I gave a lecture on spiritual guidance to the nursing staff and as a bonus I also instructed meditation.

What is spirituality for me?

Spirituality can be felt. Feel spirituality in the heart. Spirituality is a feeling that every person can understand in his own way. Spirituality is "something" that all people seek, perhaps to find meaning beyond matter, beyond the desire to live life in their own routine.

Spirituality gives meaning beyond our daily activities. Spirituality fills us with a sense of understanding that there is "life" and meaning beyond. There is a reason why we are here, there is a reason for life and there is a reason for death. There is a reason for humanity, there is a reason for the connections between people, between humans and animals and between humans and nature.

The inner observation of a person between himself and himself to nature is spiritual. The desire to benefit himself and his environment is spiritual. Spirituality can be realized through the five senses. Spirituality can be practiced in poetry, music, speech, reading, sitting and meditating. Spirituality can be expressed in smells, incense, painting, mandala, conversation, listening, or just looking at it as it is.

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Nurit Shai

It is desirable that anyone who is interested in spirituality understands the motivations, his motivation to understand the concept, and how he will want to bring him into his life and give spiritual space in his life. Spirituality can provide a solution and refuge for those who are very busy in the material life.

I think it is very good to give a broad and meaningful place to spirituality in life, to look at spirituality as an aspect that fills life with beauty, goodness, understanding, joy, and much love.

I respect every religion and every person in his faith. My spiritual practice is many daily meditation exercises combined with various Buddhist texts. My values ​​are based on the six perfectionions – the six virtues are generous, moral behavior, patience, passionate effort, concentration and wisdom.

I will end with a few words from the book "Cultivating the Human Potential" by the nun who inspires me, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo:

"All human beings need to find a proper purpose in their lives … Our challenge is to transform everyday life into a spiritually meaningful life … We must bring the spiritual aspect into our daily lives – our family life, our workplace and social life. Meditation or synagogue, sitting in meditation or reading religious texts – and passing the rest of the time when we are distracted and preoccupied with national anxieties.

A significant inner change requires us to understand that everything we do, every encounter with others, every breath we breathe, when done with proper attention and accompanied by deep understanding, becomes spiritual practice. Our relationships and careers should not be an obstacle to our practice. When we use them wisely, they themselves become the spiritual practice. "

In conclusion, I cherish the privilege to be the guide to those who need guidance, support and assistance in time of difficulty, pain, loss or illness.

Spiritual Guidance can be obtained through a meeting, or a video based session such as through messenger or Skype.

For consultation or appointment +972-54-3531297 Nurit

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